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3OH!3 Releases New Song & Music Video “I’m So Sad”, New Album ‘Need’ Arriving in 2021

I'M SO SAD - song by 3OH!3 | Spotify

Hot on the heels of their surprise 2020 comeback, American electro-pop duo 3OH!3 continues to make good on their promise of more new music, releasing their latest single “I’M SO SAD” – available everywhere NOW

Co-written by the duo’s longtime friend Benny Blanco alongside members Sean Foreman & Nathaniel Motte, “I’M SO SAD” serves as the lead single for their forthcoming album NEED, which will arrive later this year. The song officially premiered yesterday on KTCL-FM in Denver, a hometown station for the Colorado natives. 

The accompanying video for “I’M SO SAD” teleports viewers back to the signature creative style of the early aughts – electric colors, flawless use of clip art and a stunning range of emotional depth – and provides a cheeky reminder of 3OH!3’s prescient awareness of Internet Meme Culture™ along with a simultaneous, clever play against the song’s lyrics and deeper message. Watch the video HERE.


Of the track, Foreman elaborates:

“I think life is about finding balance and having a sense of humor. ‘I’M SO SAD’ checks both of those boxes for me. Growing up, I was taught to fight back or push away parts of myself that were negative-thinking, anxious, and sad. The notion of ‘fighting demons’ or telling feelings ‘no’ has always felt like the way one is told to cope. What I’ve learned in my own journey of mental health is that whatever I feel, when I feel it is welcome. This song is like a ‘welcome home’ party for my sad parts. It seems therapeutic to sing it loud over a big chorus. We all know there are more than enough party songs in the world about ‘feeling good’. Sometimes I just want to party sad.”

Motte adds:

“We’ve all been sad, and we all know what it feels like to be down. With ‘I’M SO SAD,’ I wanted to honor those feelings of sadness and empathize with people who feel sad more often than others in a way that we’ve always tried to at 3OH!3. A way that’s collective, a way that puts a happy face on something sad, and a way that (maybe incongruously) is fun. We wrote the song with Benny Blanco, whom we’ve worked with since 2008, and every time we get back in and write with Benny since then, we never skip a beat. We all share the same mantra of working hard at creative expression, laughing, enjoying our work, and mixing playfulness with heavy things, both sonically and thematically. He’s been through experiences akin to ours, so when I left the studio and went back to Colorado to produce the song I wanted to make sure it did justice to feeling sad, but also use collective fun as a therapy for that individual sadness.”

NEED is a play on the title of their 2008 hit, RIAA-certified Gold album WANT, which catapulted Foreman and Motte to instant mainstream fame with hit singles like “Don’t Trust Me” and “STARSTRUKK” (ft. Katy Perry). While the duo retains their penchant for making music that’s simply funNEEDwill also showcase the scope of their evolution as artists in the 10+ years since their breakout success. NEED, the duo’s first new album in five years,also marks their first album back with their original record label, Photo Finish Records.

About 3OH!3:

The dynamic duo of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte have taken 3OH!3 from the foothills of Boulder, CO to a household name – if we’re talking house parties. Since 2008, the American electro-pop duo has rocked sold out venues, amphitheaters, and college campuses around the world, playing shows on every major continent except Antarctica (too cold). With over 15 million singles sold worldwide and three U.S. RIAA Certified platinum songs, 3OH!3 has cemented their sound with global hits like their 3x multi-platinum single “Don’t Trust Me,” which reached #1 at Top 40 Radio and #7 on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as hugely popular songs “STARSTRUKKK” (Feat. Katy Perry) and “My First Kiss” (Feat. Kesha) and memorable performances on American IdolJimmy Kimmel Live! and the MTV Video Music Awards. Over the past decade, Sean and Nat have pivoted to more behind the scenes work, having written and produced hits for other artists such as Maroon 5’s “Love Somebody,” Steve Aoki’s “Waste It on Me” (Feat. BTS), MAX’s “Lights Down Low,” Ariana Grande’s “Tattooed Heart,” and Kesha’s “Blah Blah Blah” among many others. They continued to play in front of thousands of fans while celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their RIAA certified Gold album WANT. Eventually, the itch of wanting to get back in the studio to make music that was fun, inclusive, edgy, weird and – most importantly – their own, proved to be an inevitable reality. And what better, weirder, unpredictable year to do that than 2020? Sean and Nat took a week together in their hometown of Boulder early in the year to pen and record new music just before quarantine. Now, 3OH!3 is back with Photo Finish Records, where it all started – and they’re coming harder than ever. After releasing the surprise comeback track “LONELY MACHINES” (feat 100 gecs) in November 2020, the duo is slated to release their first new album in five years, NEED, in 2021. The album’s lead single “I’M SO SAD” was released January 2021 and is available everywhere now. 

About Photo Finish Records:

Photo Finish Records is an independent record label boasting a diverse artist roster including alternative rock, indie pop and hip hop. The NYC based label was created and founded by Matt Galle and 2021 will celebrate its fifteenth year of success. Shortly after, Matt decided to bring in his business partner Mike Marquis to co-run the label with him. The label is known for developing and breaking an eclectic roster of artists such as 3OH!3, SHAED, Marian Hill, MisterWives, ROZES, The Mowgli’s, and new signings Elliot Lee, Lakeview, guardin, and joan. They are currently distributed through CAROLINE. SHAED’s track “Trampoline” is double platinum with over 2 billion streams worldwide, 3OH!3’s debut album “Want” is certified Gold with 3 platinum singles and over 15 million singles sold which includes collaborations with Katy Perry, Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, Lil’ Jon and Ke$ha. Marian Hill’s releases including their debut album “Act One” have sold 12 million tracks making big waves with the breakthrough hit “Down” as well as successful albums from MisterWives and their gold single “Reflections”, Anthony Green, Handsome Ghost, and many others. Matt Galle and Mike Marquis are well known and respected leaders in the music industry having both been recognized in Billboard’s 40 under 40 among other accolades. The team is located in NYC. For more information please visit and connect on socials: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube.

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