7-piece art rockers Tidal Wave share dreamy video/single “Sunbleached”

Toronto-based group, Tidal Wave, is a 7-piece art rock band known for their powerful soundscapes and diverse instrumentation. The band meticulously layers its elements to give the music a full wall of sound with forward momentum. It is an ever present atmosphere composed of rich textures of guitars and synthesizers, with a delicate balance between soaring string lines and strong vocal melodies. 

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Their second single released this year, “Sunbleached,” evokes a feeling of longing and hope. It’s about moving on from a certain era in your life, knowing that you may not see some of these people for a very long time or potentially even ever again. There’s nothing wrong with people moving on and life going forward, but it can be a lot to process and accept that things will be different. 

“This represents that feeling when you’ve been too emotionally invested in something happening in your life, and at a certain point you’re worn out from wearing your heart on your sleeve and feeling everything so deeply that there simply isn’t anything left to feel,” said Connor Young, lead vocalist and songwriter. “And in that moment, you feel like it’s wrong to not be as broken up as you should be, but the physical truth is that you can’t anymore because you’re so disconnected from it.”