A-Legend ‘Goodbye Or See You Later’

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A-Legend’s highly-anticipated album, Goodbye or See You Later, is slated for June 2, 2023. The 20-track musical offering battles his alter-ego and his true self. It deals with thoughts about letting go of the journey and struggle of a passionate artist. Based on three years of work, he only hopes the listener can vibe, relate, and resonate with his music.

Music is therapy for A-Legend at this point in his musical career. He expresses many bottled-up emotions in this track and hopes that he is not the only one who feels this way. Were he not to release music he fears his thoughts could eat him alive. Through his music, he discusses some relatable topics of social anxiety, trauma, and darkness, accompanied by melodic tunes in a rap element.

Goodbye or See You Later, has an anthemic and melodic energy present through the pop, rap, and hip-hop sensibilities. The blend of genres showcases a tasteful offering throughout the 20 tracks alongside engaging storytelling touching on some resonating feelings and difficulties he has experienced. 

The album came to fruition during a time when A-Legend was burnt out. He felt mentally broken and wanted to give up on his music after creating two albums and one extended-play, whilst working a regular job. In 2021, he dropped his first single from the album ‘Life Goes On (interlude)’ and he thought he could create an album moving forward from this. He understands that artists have to experience life in order to have something to talk about. This album is that battle of such balances, the yin and the yang, the darkness and light.

Goodbye or See You Later’s, overarching objective is to explore having boundaries, with three meanings to this album; fighting for the kid who had a dream, battling balance, and goodbye to all the naysayers.

“There are three meanings expressing the darkness and fighting for the light and true self. Saying goodbye to haters whether that is family, people you have known for years, loved ones, or close ones. Expressing the feeling of what it feels like to want to give up but you hanging in there,” A-Legend comments on the album.


Rap Crusader

College Dropout Flows

Purple Butterfles ft Xbvalentine

Covids Dead It

New Waves

Demon vs Angels

Tired ft Nikmoody


Eyes Low

4get Tomorrow

Into the Future ft Jei Siah

Peace of Mind


People Pleaser ft SkyRain

Who Am I (#BARS2)

Let Go…?

Life Goes On (interlude)

The World Is Yours…

Wins & Losses

Kid at Heart


A-Legend is a low-key artist from the birthplace of hip-hop in The Bronx, New York. His musical journey began at church when he started singing at the age of five. He neatly transitioned to singing in choirs at elementary school, then went on to perform at open mics and performances through middle school and high school. He fell in love with hip-hop through his experiences in music class at the age of 12. Goodbye Or See You Later (2023), follows his previous projects, Hot Mess (2019), Autumn Memories (2020), Are You Alive…? (2020), and Currently Away… (2021).

‘Goodbye Or See You Later’ will be released on all streaming platforms on June 2, 2023.

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