A Permanent Shadow Shares ‘Rain Check (It’s OK DJ Remix)’ Ahead Of New EP ‘UnderCover’

Photo by Daniel Díaz  

A Permanent Shadow, the brainchild of CP Fletcher is back with the new single ‘Rain Check (It’s OK DJ Remix)’, released ahead of a full upcoming EP UnderCover. Following the release of the recent ‘Humdrum’, A Permanent Shadow swaps his expansive 80s influenced Alt-Rock sound with a punching, electronic remix courtesy of Barcelon based producer It’s OK DJ, offering another dimension to the solo artists repertoire. 


A cover of a song by 90’s electronic band Tin Star, ‘Rain Check’ taken from the upcoming EP was recorded at Barcelona’s Mini Blind Studios. The new remix of ‘Rain Check’ by It’s OK DJ takes the alt-rock arrangement of the original recording and transforms it into a euphoric electronic soundscape awash with analogue synths and punching beats, adding a pulsing energy to the track. Expansive, cinematic and futuristic, the track captures an intensity to compliment the pointed, biting nature of the vocal delivery.  

Talking about the track, A Permanent Shadow explains: “Rain Check sums up the state we are in on a worldwide level. “We are heading into the dark age” could not be more apt an observation of the current state of affairs, although the track was written a quarter of a century ago.”

A Permanent Shadow’s music is a blend of old and new influenced by artists such as Iggy Pop, Scott Walker, Gary Numan, Yellow Magic Orchestra, David Sylvian and Nine Inch Nails as well as the likes of Editors, Interpol and Franz Ferdinand. Encompassing post-punk, funk-punk and synth-pop, A Permanent Shadow is set to soon release a new EP and is also currently working on their third album set for release in late 2023.

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