A Sagittariun returns to Rekids this May with ‘Strange Brew EP’

A Sagittariun returns to Rekids this May with ‘Strange Brew EP’
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Following his ‘Mazes & Monoliths’ EP on Rekids in 2021, as well as releases on Running BackHypercolour, Idle Hands, and Craigie Knowes, the Elastic Dreams boss returns to Radio Slave’s label for another standout three-track EP of colourful and psychedelic cuts.

Leading the release is ‘The Mind Blanks At The Glare’, which sees the Bristolian utilise low-slung breakbeats, bouncing basslines, and fluttering synths for a chugging start to the EP. ‘Don’t Look In The Freezer’ follows with dubbed-out FX and stomping low end, before ‘Cosmic Trigger’ brings hypnotic bass together with trippy, twinkling arps and dreamy pads for a gentle finalé.

“Each track on the EP wasn’t designed for dance floors necessarily, it’s more kinda ‘head music’, and for those that have delved into the A Sagittariun albums, the kind of productions that are synonymous with the more ‘listening experience’ side of A Sagittariun. ‘Strange Brew’ is probably an apt title for this triplet, as each cut goes on its own psychedelic journey, traversing BPMs, shades and moods.” – A Sagittariun

A Sagittariun ‘Strange Brew EP’ lands via Rekids on 6th May 2022.



01 The Mind Blanks At The Glare
02 Cosmic Trigger
03 Don’t Look In The Freezer