Acclaimed artist Sage Castleberry releases new single “Last Goodbye”

Michigan born and bred Sage Castleberry is a pop country artist whose music brings together old and new. Born into a family of musicians, he was exposed to a variety of genres, ranging from 80s hair bands to country music and everything in between. Picking up the guitar at just 10 years old, Castleberry has spent years mastering his art, eventually becoming the lead guitarist in a band alongside his good childhood friend, Sam Luna, Dave Luna, long time family friend Chris Gillette and Castleberry’s own father (and former 80’s rock drummer), Tim Castleberry. Taking the leap to go solo, the songwriter has been working on his own music, discovering his unique sound and perfecting his artistry. 

Listen to “Last Goodbye” HERE! 

Following the paramount success of his debut single “I Kinda Like It”, Castleberry is back with his next single “Last Goodbye”. Claiming his infectious pop country sound fueled by his diverse influences over the years, the Michigan artist displays a multitude of musicality. As he soaks up the music from his childhood, he fuses pop-fueled modern, fresh and dance-worthy elements, with the country influences of Rascal Fatts, Thomas Rhett and Seaforth. 

“Last Goodbye” narrates the tribulations of dealing with a breakup. Written between his family home in Battle Creek, and apartment in Kalamazoo, his next single soars with grooving guitars, synonymous vocals and compelling choruses. He elaborates, “I first wrote the chorus, then started humming melodies for verses. With the help of Addison Liggett, she gave me a killer line to start the second verse with and the rest is history.” Hoping to inspire people to have the courage to do things they love and not worry about what others may think, his unapologetically unique approach to composition is just one of the reasons “Last Goodbye” is set to transpire with fans globally. 

Garnering critical acclaim on release of his outstanding debut from the likes of Earmilk, Atwood Magazine, and Variance Magazine, Sage Castleberry is emerging exceptionally into the scene.

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