Adosa Gray ‘Sleepyhead’

Scottish singer-songwriter Adosa Gray releases her latest Indie-Pop single ‘Sleepyhead’. The London-based artist delivers her first single of the year, blending Indie-Pop and contemporary Pop elements to create ‘Sleepyhead’, produced by Louis Takooree. 


With ‘Sleepyhead’, Gray builds a vibrant soundscape atop warm electric guitar lines, glistening synths and slick production techniques that frame Adosa’s delicate vocal performance perfectly as she strikes a balance between playful indie-pop and a pop single that’s primed for the summer. The track centres around being appreciative of the little things in a relationship and how those can soon add up. 

Adosa Gray describes the track further “Sleepyhead is about taking a moment to appreciate a good relationship. The nice bits of love, when you can’t think about anything else and don’t want to leave the person’s side. A feeling of wanting to be there for someone and help them be happy.” 

Hailing from Dundee, Adosa Gray couples deep emotionality with lyrics of simplicity to deliver relatable music that matters. Focused on the craft of songwriting, Gray opts to mask her identity behind an animated character, choosing to let her craft speak for itself. This focus on songwriting has seen Gray write for several artists, capturing their own unique voices through the stories, moods and emotions they wish to share with the world. With the release of ‘Sleepyhead’, Adosa Gray looks to continue honing her craft as she seeks out new collaborative partners and works on future material.