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After releasing his debut album Fear of the Unknown in March 2020, Agency666 decided to invite talented producers who inspired him to re-interpret one track each from the original project. The result is an eclectic set of beautifully crafted tracks combining a wide-range of influences. Featuring VTSS, PTU, Toh Imago, Camilla Sparksss, Can Bora Tanzer, Psychocharmant, and Electricity Is Humming, Fear of the Unknown Remixes will be out on Psychocharmant Records on December 7th.

Tailored Communication
artist Agency666
title Fear Of The Unknown Remixes
label Psychocharmant Records
date 07/12/2020
format Digital


1. Hope You Don’t Mind (Can Bora Tanzer Remix)
2. Running From Ghosts (Camilla Sparksss Remix)
3. Interlude666 (Electricity is Humming Remix)
4. Deep Sleep (VTSS Remix)
5. Empty Secret (Psychocharmant Remix)
6. Story Of Dr Gilbert (Toh Imago Remix)
7. Understand Me (PTU Remix)
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