Agency666 shares 3D motion graphics for Bipolar Charm single

After releasing his second EP, Fear of the Unknown Remixes, to critical acclaim, Agency666 continues his exploration of sinister soundscapes with a 5-track EP ‘Cold New World’.

Carefully stitching together subtly evolving, hypnotic riffs with 4×4 functionality, and elaborating his musical ideas with occasional breakbeat interruptions and hypnotic vocal slices, Agency depicts a cold, mysterious, yet captivating world of his own that pushes the envelope through his sophisticated and evocative style. 

Agency666 releases his first single from his new EP, Bipolar Charm, accompanied with full-length 3D motion graphics made by Joe Karava and Giammarina Farina.

Joe Karava explains the concept behind Bipolar Charm video in his words;

artist   Agency666
title     Cold New World
label   Psychocharmant Records
date    March 19th 2021
format Digital

1. Bipolar Charm
2. Cold New World
3. Sad Stalker
4. Hurts
5. Agency666, Psychocharmant – Planetary Assault

‘We are in a hypothetical future, not so far away in time. This is what the post-pandemic world looks like, radically transformed due to the virus. However, the prolonged isolation made sure that humans dedicated themselves to studying new technologies while the desire to return to their social life as before was growing more and more in them. The result is a metropolis where humans and robots coexist in a cultural crisis between East and West, cyberpunk and Y2k, real and digital. The video has clear references to the science fiction imagery of the 900’s, from Blade runner to Metropolis.

— Joe Karava is a 3d artist and director based in Milan’

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