Aicha Dosso Follows Through On Debut Single “Bien” With Latest French Hit “J’en ai marre” (I’ve had enough)

By : Magdalena Sznigir

New York City based singer-songwriter Aicha Dosso follows through in style to her debut release, “Bien,” with yet another inspiring sonic gem, the gorgeous French single “J’en ai marre,” meaning I’ve had enough. 

Dedicating her energy to reviving the forgotten art of Parisian Cabaret has been Aicha’s goal these past few years, with “J’en ai marre” being her second successful attempt to bring back the classic vibes of the iconic French genre. Her style is confident yet nuanced, her vocals are angelic yet impactful, as she naturally crafts an organic structure of sounds to support her sometimes not so conventional messages. 

“J’en ai marre” is rebellious despite its relaxing sound design, with Aicha sharing her criticism over negative people always trying to undervalue others, whether through physical or mental violence. The main issue she is pointing at here is the lack of love displayed by some, through a song that will most probably heal the many listeners out there who have gone through such hardships in their lives. One important aspect to note is that “J’en ai marre” doesn’t hold any negativity in spite of her cold analysis of the behavior some have had towards her in the past.  

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