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Aidan Carroll releases solo summer jam ‘Force Field”

With the culminating force of years of hard work as a touring musician and noteworthy producer whose work has won coverage in Rolling Stone, Billboard and Paper as well as airplay on KCRW, Los Angeles-based Aidan Carroll is emerging with his solo summer jam ‘Force Field” out August 4th on Freedom Love Magic Records.

Combining dreamy vocals, stylistic elements of soul and pop, and touches of indie space, dance, and
electronic, “Force Field” hits your senses on multiple levels, leaving a shimmering wake as it fades. Working in tandem with Rush Davis, with whom he also co-produces artists such as Niia, the song sprung about naturally in the studio, and Carroll colored it in with poetic vocals, pushing the depth behind the overall positive vibe.

“It’s about having these walls that you create in your mind,” Carroll explains. “You could have a fear of falling, but that safe place isn’t going to necessarily pick you up if you do fall. It’s about conquering those walls, breaking free of your safe zone and normal habits, and letting people see more of you every time.”

Originally from Oklahoma, Carroll spent eleven years in New York City playing with major acts like Lisa Fischer (Sting) before deciding to move to Los Angeles in 2018. Since then, he’s been collaborating with all sorts of artists and producers as well as setting out on his own path, artistically. “The artist in me is very fickle,” Carroll says. “All these worlds are starting to intersect, and when I feel strongly about something I make, I want to give it to the people.”

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