Aiobahn & Mick Mazoo ‘Never Go Back’ STMPD RCRDS

Aiobahn is teaming up with Mick Mazoo on his newest release ‘Never Go Back’. ‘Never Go Back’ is a deeply emotional and melodic, while danceable future house track. Mick Mazoo added his own voice, drum sounds and an emotional break to the track after he heard it on Instagram. Mick: “When I first heard this idea on Aiobahn’s Instagram Stories, I immediately fell in love with it. It sounded super minimalistic yet full of emotion. I knew I had to work on this.”

Combining both signature sounds, the song resembles not being able to go back in time and accepting whatever the future holds. Wanting to create a record that sounds happy and sad at the same time, it represents that feeling of nostalgia, something that makes you want to relive the memories you’ve made.