Alora Farenweh “Acid Atlantis”

Alora Farenweh releases latest single ‘Acid Atlantis’

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‘The follow-up to my debut song “Riding a Tiger” is finally out! 😀 “Acid Atlantis” is the name of my new single. This time it’s an underwater adventure exploring the depths of a strange city full of unusual creatures. When working with the producer, I really emphasized my desire to make the song like an underwater video game, but also keeping it dreamy and surreal. I hope everyone who hears it is transported to another world! In addition to working on this new song, I’ve spent much of this last year world-building something called The Hollow. All of my music is about my discoveries and experiences in The Hollow. ‘

About Alora Farenweh :

Alora Farenweh is a young Canadian singer / songwriter / world-builder who creates art & dreamy pop about a fictional realm known as “The Hollow.” Both the lyrics and soundscapes of her music invite the listener into a colorful world, one full of strange creatures, monsters, and secrets. Alora is both explorer & guide as she continuously unveils new lands and discoveries to her community of fans via social media. Follow Alora Farenweh on Instagram to learn more about the world of The Hollow.

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