Alt-pop artist Liam Benayon shares playful hyper bop “Next Chapter”

Initially falling in love with music behind the scenes as a producer and songwriter, Liam Benayon finds his voice as a glittery, yet brash pop artist. The pairing of his synth driven dance productions, electronic vocal performances, and background in pure pop lyricism, offer an eclectic sonic experience.

Liam’s new single Next Chapter is a cheeky jaunt inspired by a boy obsessively sending him the books he was currently reading. The track originally was shelved, but inspired by feedback from others he decided to fill it out with a blend of pop sub-genre inspo and release it. 

Spin the feisty “Next Chapter”

Liam is ready for his “Next Chapter” with this sugary pop break-up anthem. Send me a Lana song, I promise I’ll listen – bet you read all the words & think you’re so smart. Liam attempts to get over a guy who “seriously thought he was the smartest person in any room.”

“I’m just tryna make fun pop music that tells you something you might have heard before but in a way you’ve never heard.”