AMAARA Shares “New Love’s Mortal Coil,” the Cheeky Focus Track of her Forthcoming Debut ‘Child of Venus’ LP

Photo by Christian Sorensen Hansen

Musician, actor & filmmaker Kaelen Ohm follows her 2020 EP Heartspeak and the recent release of Season 2 of MGM+/Paramount+ series FROM with her third musical offering and debut album, Child of Venus, under her multimedia moniker/dream pop project AMAARA on July 7th. The nine-track record holds to the signature ethereal sound of AMAARA, while expanding on Ohm’s musical influences and emergent abilities as a songwriter, performer, producer, film director and editor. 

New Love’s Mortal Coil,” the lead single from Child of Venus, speaks to the phenomenon of limerence (the state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person, typically experienced involuntarily but not primarily for a sex) mistaken for love, byway of projection. It’s about impermanence and the notion that we will be left in the dark with the ashes of our emotions once the often swift fire burns out.

Approached with cheeky lyrics and an 80s pop vibe, we’d love to hear “New Love’s Mortal Coil

Watch the colourful choreographed video for “New Love’s Mortal Coil” here: