ANAKLAV releases her sophomore single ‘Dirty Dancing’

With ‘Dirty Dancing‘, ANAKLAV has released her second single as a solo artist. Born and raised in Brazil, she took numerous musical influences into her work, which unite perfectly in her contemporary state-of-the-art mix of UK bass and Brazilian slap-tech sound.

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With her DIY approach and her concise vocals, she impressively shows that as a producer, she has a knack for catchy vocal lines, as well as first-class productions. The groovy beat is complemented by a shimmering, untamed bassline that runs through the track like a thread. The sporadic use of small synth melodies and interesting vocal chops complete her impressive second single. The talent to get the most out of her diverse influences and to creatively incorporate them into her own songwriting is what makes her so unique. In her second single, she elaborates on personal moments of her history alongside her childhood in Brazil.

 “When I was a kid in Brazil, my best friend’s oldest sister used to tell me that ‘Dirty Dancing‘ was the best movie ever. Later, I knew she was right. It reminded me of my childhood and of growing up, of first love and of the relationship between me and my father. This track is an invitation to my personal world: it’s a part of me like my childhood, the heartbreaks we endure as well as being rejected by guys who think they are something special“.

ANAKLAV‘s second single ‘Dirty Dancing‘ was released on March 19 via Sushi Tunes.