Anastave Unveils Focus Single ‘Every Night’ Ahead of Album ‘I Don’t Want You in the Light’

The boundary-pushing electronic artist Anastave is set to release the focus single “Every Night”, on August 17, 2023. This track is an alluring blend of dark pop and electronica, offering a glimpse into Anastave’s unique sonic universe. The single is a prelude to her eagerly awaited sophomore album, due to drop on August 31, 2023, promising a journey through emotive melodies and atmospheric soundscapes.

Anastave, a Berlin-based composer, singer, and producer, is renowned for her avant-garde approach to music production and storytelling. Garnering praise for her distinctive style, she’s been hailed by critics as a trailblazer who pushes the boundaries of music. Combining sophisticated rhythms with dark atmospheric textures, Anastave crafts compelling narratives delivered with her entrancing vocals. Her upcoming album, characterized as intimate, introspective, and moody, showcases her evolution as an artist who delves into the depths of human emotion.

The focus single “Every Night” stands out as a departure from Anastave’s usual sonic palette. Evoking a “dark euphoric” atmosphere, the track navigates the realms of experimental pop, inviting listeners into a dreamscape of emotions. The song’s hook, “and I go back there every night,” captures the essence of reminiscence and longing, exploring the complexities of the past that linger in one’s mind. A reflection of Anastave’s skillful songwriting and production, “Every Night” weaves a tapestry of feelings through synthesizers, bass, guitar, and captivating vocals.

The remainder of the album ‘I Don’t Want You In The Light’ falls in a different category to the lead single, such as previous Double A Side releases ‘Better / Fake Smile’. ‘Better’ had been years in the making, but it needed more experience from Anastave before revealing itself at last. Conversely, ‘Fake Smile’ made its way through almost immediately, displaying the contrast in how creativity works. Another single release last year ‘Medicine’ further solidified her sound into a form which she terms “lyrical electronic music”, leaving the door open to interpretation.

On the album, she says:

“I created this album over a few years so it really means a lot to me as it’s seen me through different periods of my life. I wrote several of the songs during lockdown so there’s a claustrophobic feeling to them — a feeling of wanting to escape my thoughts but also being painfully connected with them at the same time.”

Anastave’s music has drawn comparisons to the likes of Massive Attack, Björk, and Nicolas Jaar. Her sonic landscape is a realm of its own. Her commitment to exploring diverse genres is evident in her upcoming album, which promises a sonic experience unlike any other. Anchored in electronic elements and laden with introspective narratives, Anastave’s music resonates with listeners on a profound level, transcending the boundaries of conventional genre categorizations.

Anastave’s sophomore album is set to be a groundbreaking exploration of emotion and innovation in the world of electronic music. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to embark on an enthralling journey on August 31, 2023.