André Lodemann feat. Huw Costin: Treasure (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)

In swift succession to their compelling remix of Diamond Mouth’s ‘Stare At Me’, Frankey & Sandrino join forces with Best Works Records for a mesmerizing re-working of Andre Lodemann’s ‘Treasure’, originally featured on Lodemann’s 2018 album ‘The Deeper You Go’. The Sum Over Histories label heads are joined by Hyenah, Robag Wruhme, Fabian Dikof and Winnie & Somow for this 5-track remix package.

In Frankey & Sandrino’s re-working, the pure and profound vocals from Lodemann’s intimate original take on a mystical quality, embedded in a lethargic soundscape of sonorous synths and wistful pads that gently ebb. The result is a deep track, which seems to lullingly soothe and encourage contemplation, the chanting vocal in a minor key having a hypnotic effect. The soft broken beat which underscores the whole track, accompanied by eclectic percussive elements, such as the syncopated cowbell, add a layer of agitated grooviness that drives the track forward. Frankey & Sandrino’s remix of Andre Lodemann’s ‘Treasure’ will be available to stream and download on Friday 9th July.

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