Andrew Thomases ‘Back At My Life’

US Conscious Rock artist Andrew Thomases releases his latest single ‘Back At My Life’. The San Francisco Bay Area artist is known for writing thought-provoking tracks with observational lyrical commentary that varies across a wide variety of subjects, including climate change, society and morality. 

‘Back At My Life’ is no different. The track sees Andrew taking an introspective look back at his life as he takes stock of what has led him to where he is today while encouraging others to do the same. Backed by classic rock tendencies that take cues from the 70’s, Andrew Thomases has crafted a contemplative soundscape, grounded by laid-back acoustic guitar progressions, thoughtful piano lines and perfectly placed electric guitar flares that put Andrew’s insightful vocal performance front and centre. 

Andrew Thomases explains the track further, “At this point in my life, I have come to question whether I have done everything right. Could I have done better? Have I achieved my dreams? Do I have any regrets? I think

we are all hit with these questions at some point in our lives, and ‘Back At My Life’ reflects the fact that it is ok to ponder this topic.” 

Based out of the Bay Area, the 55-year-old musician/lawyer seeks to use the wisdom he’s gained throughout the years to write songs about topics close to his heart. Using music as an outlet to share his thoughts and ideas, Andrew looks to shine a light on his perspective and the change he wants to see in the world while challenging his listeners to do the same. With the release of his latest single ‘Back At My Life,’ Andrew Thomases looks to continue this trend with yet another poignant single.