Anna Vitale ‘Hold On’

Sixteen-year-old Anna Vitale has already begun making a name for herself as a promising singer-songwriter in the indie pop genre. After releasing two EPs with the help of acclaimed producer David Kershenbaum, she is now hard at work on her debut full-length album. Anna’s new single, ‘Hold On,’ is an inspiring anthem of self-confidence and resilience.

Opening with a captivating piano melody, Anna’s voice soars over the track with messages of hope and determination. The song builds to an uplifting chorus backed by guitar, bass, drums, and strings – showcasing her reflective lyricism and breathtaking vocal range. ‘Hold On’ is a testament to Anna’s remarkable ability to forge a connection with listeners of all backgrounds, even at a young age.

Sharing more behind the song’s inspiration, Anna says, “Hold On is an inspiring song about overcoming one’s fears and not letting them pull you down. It is about having confidence in yourself and loving yourself for who you are. It shares a message to never lose hope and keep on going. This song means everything to me. It helps me find comfort in times if need and encourages me to never lose sight of who I am.”

Anna Vitale is a sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter who grew up singing in a musical family. Drawn to music from an early age, Anna began writing her own songs at the age of twelve. With six talented siblings, she gained valuable experience singing in church services, theatrical productions, and homemade musicals. Most recently, she starred as Mary Poppins at her local high school.

Anna has released two EPs with renowned producer David Kershenbaum, and she is currently working on a full fourteen-song album. An accomplished pianist, Anna has studied since she was seven, and composes most of her songs on the piano, ukulele, or guitar. She hopes all her listeners feel connected to her music and relate to it in their way.