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ANTIBOY Releases Animated Video for New Single “Paradise”


ANTIBOY Releases Animated Video for New Single “Paradise” - Icon Vs. Icon
(Photo Credit: Candice Ghai) 

ClubQuarantine Celebrates “Paradise”  with ANTIBOY’s “Welcome To  Paradise” Rave 
A Glitch In Paradise Album 
Out This December 
A Look Inside Harry Hains’ Label-Less  Vision for Our World

“ANTIBOY represents the idea that most things that we are taught to believe in  are an illusion. The idea of gender, sexuality and race are social constructs.  ANTIBOY is this place of true equality. The surface doesn’t really matter anymore.  It’s really who we are…that’s what matters – the amalgamation of our memories  and experiences. We are one human consciousness.” 

– Harry Hains

The family of Harry Hains has  released ANTIBOY’s visually stunning animated  video for new single “Paradise.” PRESS  HERE to watch. PRESS HERE to  stream/download “Paradise,” written and  recorded by Harry, from ANTIBOY’s  forthcoming album A Glitch In Paradise, out  this December on ANTIBOY  Records. Created by 3D artist and designer  and Harry’s brother Sam Hains, the  “Paradise” video is a metaphor for toxic  relationships and drug dependency.

Harry  personally struggled with both and lost his battle  with drug addiction this past January. Like an  arcade game, you have to put more and more coins in to continue, and the deeper you get the more  stuck you are. You can experience “paradise,” but  at a mounting cost. “Paradise” is the next installment of the ANTIBOY universe and  continues to illustrate Harry’s prolific vision of a future where we live without labels. Through  these artistic creations, ANTIBOY shares his wish for this world – for everyone to live freely  and authentically as the person they truly are. 

ANTIBOY Releases Animated Video for New Single “Paradise” - Icon Vs. Icon
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ClubQuarantine celebrated the release of “Paradise” with ANTIBOY ‘s “Welcome  To Paradise” Rave, a virtual celebration and safe space for queer creatives to authentically be  themselves, featuring Markus Molinari, Brendan Jordan, Gigi Gorgeous, and more. 

“Paradise” follows the release of lead single “Good Enough,a song that questions being  good enough for a partner and earned praise from Billboard, Pitchfork, NME, People, and  more. PRESS HERE to watch the video. “Bang Bang,” a reinterpretation of  the classic Nancy Sinatra song (‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’), is set against  the backdrop of glitchy computer game-style production and dubstep skittering drums. PRESS  HERE to watch the video. All three animated videos, which are produced by Sam Hains and  animated and edited by @FVCKRENDER, depict Harry’s vision for the future of our world,  showing the souls of two beings – equally human and bionic – longing for connection, acceptance,  and love. 

A multi-dimensional and compelling musician, actor (most noted for American Horror  Story and The OA) artist, and model, Harry didn’t define or limit himself by the constructs  society enforces upon us. Offering a portal into age of existence where there is complete  unparalleled freedom to live without preconceptions and societal labels, through the prism  of Harry‘s true artistic being, ANTIBOY, his vision for our future is relevant now more than  ever at a time when society is rising up to break down old systems and demanding equality for  all. 

Harry’s concept of ANTIBOY (PRESS HERE to watch the trailer) offers a portal into an  age of existence where there is complete unparalleled freedom to live without preconceptions  and societal labels. In a digital utopia where there is no inequality, prejudice, or toxicity, Harry  (as the genderless transhuman being ANTIBOY) imagines a world in which the human  mind and the bionic body merge. Harry lived this through his own identity, which was gender  fluid, shapeshifting and open to interpretation just like his music. The focus on the merger of the 

human consciousness with artificial intelligence, of non-binary existence, and Harry’s robotic,  neutral vocal delivery negates gender and labels, opening up a conversation about what the future  of our species should and could be. An amalgamation of rock, electronica and gothic pop that cannot be distilled into one type of  genre or emotional palette, A Glitch In Paradise explores the virtual world of ANTIBOY as  he re-lives his mistakes in order to try to correct them and find happiness.  But ANTIBOY experiences glitches and gets stuck in an endless loop of heartache, inspired by  Harry’s relationship with then partner Mike.Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Harry‘s uniquely imaginative mind blossomed as a child.  

He created horror films on his camcorder and wrote short stories and countless poems inspired  by Sylvia Plath and EE Cummings. His patch eventually led him to London for modeling and  then to LA to pursue his passions for acting and music. He lived, ate and breathed music, film  and art creation. For Harry, art should not be constrained to what it has been previously, just  as human existence should be free to evolve. His songs are Trojan Horses packed with such  revolutionary ideals. Although Harry isn’t here to speak for his creations, they speak for him,  offering up the view he had for a limitless and more modernized world.

a beautiful quote from Sam :

“Harry started his journey with modeling and acting and doing more multi-disciplinary work. I think it was probably around a similar time that we both started getting into a more art practice style. What was interesting is that we were both dealing with very similar conceptual material and had a lot of interest in the worlds of science fiction and virtual worlds. We both had similar early childhood experiences of video games like World of Warcraft and Second Life, which both of us found extraordinary – this idea of being in another world as another person, assuming an avatar and exploring a world anonymously and the liberation of that; being free from a body. It blew both of our minds as 12-year-olds to be able to experience virtual worlds like that. Both of us ended up creating work that was about that and escape worlds that are glitching and falling apart. When we hadn’t spoken for a while, and started talking about the work we were doing, it was like “wow, you’re also making work about this kind of thing.” There was a different focus as Harry’s was more about these relationships that were central to the work, but there were these shared themes of these worlds that were falling apart. There was this metaphor of these virtual worlds and how reality itself is a dream or a simulation and that the virtual world is an interesting way of exploring reality and that there’s something not quite right about it. That was something that I was definitely exploring in my work and then Harry was also doing that too in the Glitch in Paradise pilot that he wrote. I think it was really curious that we were both kind of interested in that sort of idea.”

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