Anyma returns with new EP ‘Claire’ out now via Rose Avenue Records

Pioneering musical concept Anyma, the brainchild of Tale Of Us’ Matteo Milleri, has unveiled new EP ‘Claire’, out 16th July on Rose Avenue Records.

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A three-track release, title track and EP opener ‘Claire’ sees Anyma deliver a sparkling dose of indie-electronica. Co-produced by Faroe Islands composer Janus Rasmussen, it’s steeped in emotion and punctuated by the haunting vocals written and sung by Delhia De France.

Speaking in an interview with Rose Avenue RecordsMatteo explains: Anyma is my new solo project aimed at discovering my artistic individuality, it’s the digital extension of my persona combining digital art, electronic music and immersive experiences.” 

He goes on to add, “utilising the immense possibilities of Mixed and Extended Reality, Anyma creates a universal language all of its own, bringing the artist and the audience closer and blurring the boundaries between real and surreal.”

The track is accompanied by stunning artwork and an official video courtesy of IOR50 Studio, a studio that focuses on art direction, animation and visual effects, developing creative technology solutions using biased rendering, real-time engines and experimental approaches.

Next up, ‘Forevermore’ is similarly emotion-driven, channeling a modern trance sound characterised by ethereal melodies and subtle breakdowns. EP closing track ‘Sonder’ sees Anyma explore this sound further, tapping into the integrative algorithmic consciousness’ remarkable skill for crafting electronic music with humanlike levels of sentimentality.

Claire’ marks Anyma’s second release following last month’s debut EP ‘Sentient’, a shimmering four-tracker that included a collaboration with Berlin artist Rosa Anschütz.

A string of further releases are in place for the coming months, culminating with debut albumGENESYS at the end of the year, while the launch of NFT digital art pieces has also been planned.

Utilising the immense possibilities of Extended RealityAnyma creates a universal language all of its own, bringing the artist and the audience closer and blurring the boundaries between real and surreal. The result is an interactive space that formulates itself as a journey of discovery, understanding human expressivity and creativity through the analysis of souls and emotions.

A second stunning EP in as many months, ‘Claire’ again sees Anyma demonstrate exceptional talents for electronic music production.

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