Akai has released a new version of their long-running controller range called the APC64. The new unit features 64 backlit RGB pads with polyphonic aftertouch, a built-in 32-step, eight-track sequencer, eight touch faders and a range of dedicated buttons that are pre-mapped to Live’s features. The APC64 has a series of compositional modes too, including locking the pads to a certain key, or chord mode that lets you trigger a chord from a single pad.

Round back is where the ‘64 really comes into its own with eight CV/Gate outputs for controlling analogue gear, and modular synths, as well as three dedicated MIDI DIN ports. The APC64 can be used as a standalone sequencer and doesn’t need a laptop or Ableton Live running to sequence through its MIDI and CV ports.

The pads can be used for everything from sequencing, to inputting MIDI notes and chords, to drum programming and even mixing. The colour-coded nature of the hardware means you can assign its pads and faders to the same colour scheme without getting lost. There are also the usual transport buttons for play, stop and record, and controls for mute and solo for up to eight tracks.

The APC64 costs £377 and is available now. Find out more on the Akai website.

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