Are bingo games linked to gambling

Are bingo games linked to gambling? 

Over the years bingo has become a truly fascinating game that is still enjoyed by millions of people today. The roots of bingo can be traced back to 16th century Italy, where a basic lottery competition called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia is said to have formed the basis for a French game called Le Lotto which in turn became the game of bingo we all know today. It didn’t take long for bingo to spread all around the world either, being fairly popular in most countries by the 20th century.

But here’s the thing: are bingo games linked to gambling? Bingo has always been something of an odd one to categorise, with it appearing neither as just a simple board game or 100% a casino gambling game – also play 20p roulette.

In fact, you don’t often see bingo at casinos, which tells you that casino operators can often look down on this game as not a true gambling game. But what is the right answer to the question? It’s something we’re going to try and find out! 

An overview of bingo 

Right then, the first thing to do when exploring the question of whether or not bingo games are linked to gambling is to do a bit of research about bingo, especially in relation to its history. As we mentioned in the introduction, bingo was born out of an Italian lottery competition in the 16th century, and this is a crucial part of explaining why bingo can often seem to sit apart from other casino gambling games. 

Indeed, bingo has never appeared in casinos, despite the fact that it was a popular game even before the first casino was built in the mid 17th century. Bingo halls and casinos remained completely separate in the 20th century too, with the two things only coming closer with the emergence of online casino. Even now they are largely separate entities. 

Some of the most popular gambling varieties

That’s an overview of bingo, now it’s time to explore a few popular gambling varieties so that we have something to compare against. Take a look at a few of these highly popular gambling varieties: 

·         Roulette: Most people will have at least heard of roulette, an incredibly exciting casino game centred on the famous roulette wheel. Casino games don’t get much more dynamic as this one, and it is why roulette has been so popular for a few hundred years now.

·         Blackjack: Often called the oldest casino game in the world, blackjack is a very simple card game that is played by just one person and the dealer. It is famous for such techniques as blackjack card counting. 

Bingo and gambling: Are they the same? 

Are bingo games linked to gambling? This is a tricky question to answer, but in terms of their basic principles bingo games and gambling are often the same. The matter can get complicated by things like bingo played in school though, because here it doesn’t involve any actual money.