Aspyer ‘Too Close To Heaven’ STMPD RCRDS

One of Tomorrowland’s most promising artists of 2021, Aspyer is switching it up on his new single ‘Too Close To Heaven’. Where his latest tracks represented that club/festival feeling, this time he wanted to create something bright and positive with a light vibe. While being sick with COVID he found the strength to sit down with his guitar and come up with something fresh, which is how the guitar part ended up in the track. Despite not feeling well, he started to create a bright track and with him feeling better every day he also found the motivation to continue working on the track since it gave him positive energy. Amanda Collins’s voice fully conveys the mood and sets the desired vibe. 
Aspyer: ‘’I hope that the track makes a lot of people smile, since it’s really necessary for all of us during these times’’.