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Atmospheric Indie-folk Songstress Marya Stark shares ‘Sapphire’

Charcoal Marya Stark
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Shares stunning title-track
Of Sapphire Album

California-based singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and performer Marya Stark has revealed her latest work of art, Sapphire via Rose Bard Arts. On the album, listeners will find the awe-inspiring title-track accompanied by a lyric video. The artist has already seen airplay from NPR and has been picked as one of the Top 25 Featured Artists for October on Echos. 

Sapphire | Marya Stark
Sapphire Album Tracklist
1. Echo:
2. Stargazer
3. In Between
4. Sapphire
5. Blood Of The Stone
6. Celestial Butterflies
7. Negra Luz
8. Baptism
9. Crystal Chambers
10. Rose Lineage
Listen: Marya Stark – Sapphire

Watch: Marya Stark – Sapphire: A Visual Journey of Song

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Self-confessed storyteller, bard, and muse, Marya Stark is originally from Phoenix, Arizona but travelled to Glastonbury on a pilgrimage to Avalon for this album, as the folklore of the Chalice Well was a big part of the inspiration behind Sapphire. Marya Stark is classically trained, having studied at the Arizona School For The Arts, before entering Chapman Music Conservatory and graduating with a BA in Music Therapy. Co-founder of the witch-folk duo Scarlet Crow and featured singer for Shattered Spell, the singer has gone on to mould other rising musicians, starting the Rose Bard Academy where she considers herself a musical mid-wife.  

When not using ancient folk-lore as inspiration for her music, Marya Stark turns to the modern sounds of Andrew Bird, Alanis Morrisette, Anais Mitchell, Regina Spektor, Sufjan Stevens and Fiona Apple. Her own sound draws parallels to the brilliant vocals of Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins and the ethereal stylings of Imogen Heap and Loreena McKennitt.

Imagine a cold mist flowing over gently rolling hills. Within it are endless realms of possibilities which quickly expand beyond our imagination, enfolding both hopes and fears into a breathless sense of adventure and wonder. Marya Stark’s celestial vocals paired with a storytelling production style will captivate the listener, instilling a sense of belief in the unknown. ‘Sapphire’ tells the romantic tale of one person’s soul speaking to another with a spark of hope guiding the two on their journey. 

Marya Stark shares her thoughts: “The album, Sapphire was inspired by a lucid dream. It is a journey in healing from the grief of ages, and listening to the wisdom in the melting of the glaciers. I wrote several songs on ‘Sapphire’ as an exploration of time, about the great love drama of incarnation, and to tell a tale about the power of beauty, awe and wonder.” 

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