audalei ‘meringue pie’

audalei is back with her brand-new single ‘meringue pie’ infused with dark, emotional, bittersweet and heartbreaking tones that will capture the listeners attention from the very first note. 

She collaborated with Dalton Ricks (engineer for Clairo, Vampire Weekend, Maggie Rogers), Tyler Gardosh (music manager, and previously worked with Frankie Cosmos, Clairo), and her brother, Lucas Furseth (multi-instrumentalist based in Vancouver, Canada) on ‘meringue pie’, and so the dreamy, moody, and sweet bedroom pop hit was created. 

The melancholy production on ‘meringue pie’ features drums, a ukulele, a tape machine, and special FX. This simple and powerful production paired with intimate and emotive vocals draws the listener in immediately.

“‘meringue pie’ is a hauntingly sweet, bedroom pop hit. This song explores the cycle of short term romances which transition from light optimistic honey moon phases to a dark reality overnight. The metaphor used is one of a beautiful sunny day that is seemingly perfect but never lasts past the sunset,” – audalei 

about audalei 

audalei is an indie-pop musical artist with a love of dark, moody, underwater sounds, and simple lo-fi instrumentation. She combines the wholesome with the evocative and creates unique music that will induce shivers, teary eyes, and head bobbing all at the same time. She is currently living in Los Angeles where she collaborated with Dalton Ricks on her latest single ‘meringue pie’. She previously released her track ‘serotonin’ which was generously placed on a multitude of Spotify playlists.