Austin Jay ‘Austin Jay’

Credit: Adel Rabinovich

A rock and trap-indebted singer-songwriter with the charm and bearing of a modern pop star, Austin Jay is in many ways Los Angeles’s best-kept secret. Building on the success of previous singles, ‘Loving on You’ and ‘Things You’ll Never Know,’ he returns with his highly-anticipated self-titled debut EP, Austin Jay, out now across platforms.

Crafted with renowned producers Caleb Hulin (Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato) and T Black (Hip Hop Atlanta, Marques Houston, and Pitbull), the EP fuses alternative pop/punk soundscapes with cutting-edge trap elements, showcasing the next evolution of Austin’s sound. He adds, “The EP is about not conforming to what society says you have to be and creating your own lane in life.”

The EP’s focus track, ‘Demented,’ blends captivating guitar stabs with Austin’s powerful vocals to provide a commentary on the heartlessness of modern relationships. 

“‘Demented’ set the tone for the entire EP,” shares Austin. “It was the first song I worked on with my incredibly talented producer Caleb Hulin, and we connected right away, making the song in our very first session. It’s the song that really established and cemented my sound moving forward, with its mix of alternative pop/punk and modern trap music. I wrote it coming from a place of angst. I think modern-day romantic relationships are too casual, you know? I’m not a casual person. I’m a romantic at heart, and I miss the old-fashioned, dramatic, infatuated romance from old books and movies I love. Demented is about my problems with casual relationships and how so many people today are afraid or unwilling to truly commit and call it love.”

LA-based/Manhattan-born singer/rapper Austin Jay unapologetically combines 2000s Pop/Punk with modern Trap music. After going viral with covers of Khalid’s “Location” and Billie Eilish’s “Ocean Eyes,” Austin Jay has developed an 80k+ following on Instagram with his first original 3 single releases amassing over 350,000 streams on Spotify. He is also a dynamic live presence, earning a fanbase as the lead singer of the widely acclaimed band ‘Earth to Mars’ and touring nationally with his own band.

Austin Jay is out now across platforms. 

Austin will support the release with a national tour this summer, including shows at well-known venues such as Revolution Live, the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach, and more.