Avant-garde techno artists [KRTM] releases full length LP via ARTs on the 26th April

[KRTM] – It Will Make The World A Better Place

Label: ARTS

Release Date: 26th April 2021

ARTS are glad to present the very first full length work from one of the most unique artists on the roster. Having already released a number of records on the label which have made a sizable dent in the scene, [KRTM] has returned with a larger project giving him more space to express something freer and deeper. Delivering something on this scale was almost inevitable with the approach [KRTM] takes to creating music. This was something ARTS needed to bring out into the sun.

Despite the format the LP from [KRTM], is created to be listened to as an entire body of work is larger, a stream of consciousness, presented in a personal way. With each element finely tuned to work together as a whole.

ARTS are glad to bring you  “It Will Make The World A Better Place,” there are not many words that are needed to describe what you are going into, we hope that this piece of art will sign your future as will sign ours.