Emerging talent ION is the moniker of London-born Jon Sadiku, whose origins are in Kosovo. His music seeks to explore creative themes, uniquely blending witty lyricism and dreamy soundscapes that from the ground up are built to be sonically cohesive.

The indie-trap artist ION returns with his exhilarating release of ‘Xeno’. The track is an alternative, laid-back offering showcasing his versatility in vocals and lyrics, and his sonic encompassing elements on production with blissful synthesis and the dynamic genre-bending selection. This tune melodically moves from satisfying top lines to rhythmic hip-hop tendencies, drawing in every indie and rap enthusiast with his trademark indie flows and distinctly sensational rhythms.

He continues to set himself up as a rising star fueled equally by natural creativity and high production value with intricate instrumentation under his creative moniker of ION.

“I use the word ‘Xeno’ in this song as a metaphorical expression for our individual quirks. We each have our own ‘out of this world’ ways of perceiving, behaving, and living. And whilst people may question (as I sometimes do) whether the way they are is normal or not, I believe that everyone should be proud of their peculiarities because they are YOUR ways of doing! They make YOU who YOU are and there is no right or wrong in that! ‘Xeno’ thus elaborates on this sentiment, where I talk about my own gradual acceptance with my ways.” – ION comments on the track.

ION spent a large amount of his upbringing in the Kosovan mountains, with this pure environment helping him develop his abstract way of thinking and creating material as an artist. He is able to take ‘inspiration from the smallest of things every day’ and makes music purely because it’s a legitimate art form that he is passionate about. His current artist influences include the likes of JPEGMAFIA and LUCKI. 

Accumulating press coverage across Clash, Earmilk, and Notion, ION has presented himself as an exciting emerging talent with a lot of promise for the future.