Baba & Co Releases Debut Single ‘Colorhead’

Photo Credit: Abhiruk Patowary

Delhi based multi-instrumentalist and producer Abhiruk Patowary is the mastermind behind the fusion project Baba & Co.


Baba & Co takes musical influences from different genres across the globe. And with his debut single release ‘Colorhead’ there is a melodic, colourful, and world music vibe to it. The production features guitars, drums, bass, percussions, string section, brass section, organ, oud, kemence, qanun, and vocals.

With this release, ‘Colorhead’ was like drawing an image. Making a rough sketch of melodic ideas and then slowly arranging them into a song. Once he had a decent structure, he began to layer making it harmonically richer and other elements introducing rhythms and textures.

“An integral part of Baba and Co is about expressing art and emotion without any fears or limits, and ‘Colorhead’ as the debut single was written with the intent of making listeners have an experience of that.” – Baba & Co.