Bringing sounds from under a Nordic sky, Dutch singer-songwriter Janieck is back to illuminate Armada Music with the upbeat daytime pop of ‘Northern Lights’. Full of HAIM-like harmonies, crystal-crisp synths and Janieck’s gentle persuasion, vocals putting their arm around front row audiences, ‘Northern Lights’ is a comfortable, spacious, EDM-lined sound for both keeping out cold temperatures and for when the sun is at its highest. Look out for the accompanying video coming your way soon.

Listen – Janieck – ‘Northern Lights’

Now back where his career first jump-started, Janieck says the time is right to step out from his comfort zone after a string of intimate, low-key guitar tracks. Seeing the Northern Lights in all their wonder on a trip to Norway, Janieck experienced something of an epiphany: “With the Northern Lights making me feel so small, and at that time wanting to connect with something bigger and my voice to be heard on a different level, I dropped the guitar and picked up the synth”. Janieck is now looking towards the cool of the 80s – “Man I wish I was there at that time!”

Maykel Piron, CEO Armada Music“We had a blast working with Janieck on ‘Reality’ and are super excited to see him making his return to Armada to start a new chapter with us. We feel that Janieck’s upbeat vibes and warm vocals are especially welcome in times like these and believe that the best way to start off this new chapter is with a track as big and catchy as this first new single ‘Northern Lights’. Really believe we’re onto something big here! Besides that I have a longterm relationship with Janieck’s manager. I started working with Duco Jansen 26 years ago and I am excited we are doing this project together.”

Dutchman Janieck is perhaps best known as the voice of ‘Reality’, his Armada collaboration from 2015 with Lost Frequencies that took its place in the UK top 30. Continuing on an upward curve, Janieck would go on to achieve a #1 in Germany with Alle Farben on ‘Little Hollywood’, then striking gold when partnering with YouNotUs & Senex for the multi-million-streamed ‘Narcotic’. Influenced by a diverse range of artists from John Mayer to My Chemical Romance, Ed Sheeran to Enya, Janieck brings energy, musicianship and personality to his live performance.