Baiuca Drops New Single “Meigallo” (feat. Lilaina)

The Third And Final Single From Baiuca’s Forthcoming LP Embruxo

There is something in witchcraft that transcends reason and escapes our knowledge that must be explained through emotions.

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With the singles from his second LP “Embruxo” that prestigious Galician producer Baiuca has released in recent weeks, something similar happens.

He has not needed rare potions or cat hair for his sonic alchemy to become a true ritual of musical enhancement. “Meigallo,” the last single before the album drops on May 7th, reveals not only the conceptual ties that lead us to the “Holy Company” or the ancestral witchcraft rituals from his Native Galicia, but rather his alliance with the group of cantareiras. Lilaina projects a sound that continues to expand global electronics, which tastes like Earth and cables, past and future.

Hurdles and wild voices merge between programming, rhythmic architectures and an unprecedentedly universal sound in a project that goes on from the emotion of her native Galicia to enchant dance floors, alternative playlists and the drifts of popular music.

Embruxo is out May 7, 2021 on Raso Estudio.