Beach Weather Share New Single “Homebody”



Breakthrough alternative pop-rock band Beach Weather, return today with their newest single “Homebody,” out on Arista Records. Muddled percussion and an ear-wormy hook reel you into the trio’s newest alt-pop track about their love for staying home. The single can be found on the band’s forthcoming debut album, Pineapple Sunrise, due out March 3rd. Pre-order for the album is available at

On the new single, lead singer Nick Santino shares, “Homebody is a song about being a homebody. That’s about it. Who wants to go out and see people you don’t really like when you could just have your own party for one, roll a joint, order some tacos and watch YouTube all night.  We think people are really going to relate to this one. It’s one of our new favorites.” 

“Homebody” comes equipped with a new music video that is straight out of the ‘70s. Garbed in vintage robes, watch the band traipse around the house and embrace the homebody lifestyle HERE

“Homebody” arrives on the heels of the band’s debut late night performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and their recent single & video release Trouble With This Bed.” The band continues to breakthrough in every arena of the alternative space with their hit single “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” which has tallied north of 350M+ streams and shows no signs of slowing down (12 million streams weekly). The track is still Top 5 Alt ( #1 most played at KROQ and 98.7) since reaching #1 this past October. Last month, Beach Weather also shared a gorgeous, reimagined version of “Sex, Drugs, Etc. (Stripped Down)” and you can listen here.

The band kicked off the new year with a stellar performance at iHeart ALTer Ego last weekend at Kia Forum in LA alongside Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jack White, Muse, Fall Out Boy, CHVRCHES, and Rosa Linn

Stay tuned for more from Beach Weather & upcoming shows.

5/6/23 – Atlanta, GA – Shaky Knees Music Festival 2023

5/19/23 – Gulf Shores, AL – Hangout Festival 2023

5/26/23 – Napa, CA – Bottlerock Festival 2023

5/27-5/28/23 – Atlantic City, NJ – Adjacent Festival 2023

More About Beach Weather:

Beach Weather catch a vibe somewhere between the most disparate of extremes. They write hooks melodic enough for the prom king and queen to sing along to, yet introspective enough for even the most introverted wallflower to ponder. Their breezy guitars and sun-soaked choruses barely veil an honest exploration of emotional tumult, anxiety, and loneliness. Musically, the group—Nick Santino [vocals, guitar], Reeve Powers [bass], and Sean Silverman [guitar, production]—teeter on an axis of nostalgic melodies and future-facing provocation. With various musical experiences under their respective belts, Beach Weather initially formed back in 2015. The friendship between Nick and Sean even dated back at least a decade prior. As the story goes, they served up a series of EPs—Chit Chat, What A Drag, and Basement Sessions—and logged quite a few miles on the road, building an audience one show at a time. After mutually parting ways in 2017, the guys “talked almost every day.  By 2020, they started writing music again. Around the same time, “Sex, Drugs, Etc.” organically caught fire. A sync on Spanish-language NETFLIX drama Control Z stirred up initial buzz. On social media, TikTok users implemented the song in a myriad of ways, touching every facet of culture from Stranger Things to K-pop. The success transferred over to streaming platforms as the track amassed millions of streams. With over 350 million-plus streams and a #1 alternative radio hit, they frame this distinct vision perfectly on their recent singles “Unlovable,” “Trouble With This Bed,” and “Homebody.”


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