BILBOYSAN delivers a slice of feel-good pop on ‘Summertime’

Rising Indonesian hiphop / pop artist bilboysan is poised to release a brand new single with the arrival of ‘Summertime’, due this May. 

Heralding the start of 2022, ‘Move Ur Body’ follows on from his recent debut album ‘Butterflies’, released in 2021. The track continues bilboysan’s musical evolution, peppered with RnB tinged pop with an element of breeziness, backed by insightful, personal anecdotes. 

He says: “Summertime was heavily inspired by the beat. It gave me a summer holiday vibe which in my opinion helps get my mind off of things, away from the harshness of reality and essentially have fun. I’ve never attempted to write a song that was just pure fun and this beat was definitely the perfect opportunity.”

About bilboysan:

Born Billy Boy Santoso, this Indonesian singer/songwriter of Chinese and Korean descent began his career in music whilst attending university in Sydney, Australia. Having trouble coping with a toxic relationship, he discovered an even deeper passion in music which helped him escape from the harsh reality of life. After only being introduced to new school hip hop and rap in 2018 by his roommate whilst studying in Shanghai, he completely fell in love with the way artists expressed themselves through this genre. Heavily influenced by Post Malone, Juice Wrld, NAV, Migos, and many more, he began to write his first songs, hoping to be completely vulnerable with his feelings and convey the feeling of not being alone to whoever listened to his music.

After being introduced to All Good Music Indonesia, bilboysan released his first single “CONFESSIONS” on Valentine’s Day of 2020. The great work chemistry and friendship made through the first project led to the production of his next two singles “Whiskey on the Rocks” and “Way Home”. These two singles motivated Billy to express and experiment this art form further, eventually adding both singles to his 10-song debut album “Butterflies” in November, 2021. This also opened the path to being invited to feature on a few local artist’s singles such as Sexy Goath’s “I’ll be fine” and Jesicca Janess’s soon to be released, “Lowkey”.

bilboysan is constantly learning and experimenting with his music. His upcoming songs will be influenced by Jazz, Lofi, Latin Funk, and Pop ballad to name a few. Although most of his songs are expressive of his feelings, emotions, and personal experience, adding a slight sense of humor to his lyrics is his way of reminding his audience that although things can be better, things can also be worst.  Most importantly, he believes in having fun throughout the process and to always count every blessing.

Summertime / 20th May