Blair Davie ‘PLATFORM 10’

Remember the name Blair Davie (He/Him) who’s an alternative star-in-the-making. The Scottish songwriter will be a new name to almost everybody in the world but has the talent to reach us all on his voice alone. Combining his heartwarming vocal tones with songwriting that invokes honest feelings of vulnerability and acceptance you get a sound that feels special. Today Blair introduces himself with a brand new single titled “Platform 10.” Listeners will be able to see him live in London for the first time at The Courtyard Theatre on May 10th then in Brighton at this year’s The Great Escape on May 12th. Blair’s debut EP “Long Nights And Darker Days” will follow later this year in the fall.

Give Platform 10, a listen;

Speaking about the song’s meaning, Blair said ”Platform 10 is about being left behind. My best friend is a year older than me. He left school a year before I did and it was strange not sharing my final year of school with him, while he was making new friends and having new experiences without me. He moved to London a few years ago and again I experienced that feeling of being left behind. However, there is something beautiful about missing someone. I guess it shows how much you value that person in your life. So this song is really a celebration of a wonderful friendship and an acknowledgement of my sadness that he always seems to be one step ahead of me, while I stay behind.”

Listens of Blair will find his first-ever song “Stairs” online that stylistically fits with today’s new offering. Speaking-up honestly he said “I had a tough time at high school. It felt like I had a target strapped to my back for the sole reason of being marginally different to the rest. Getting bullied at thirteen years old shaped who I was for years. Every insecurity heightened and every relationship tainted by the idea that I was somehow inadequate. When I wrote this song in 2019, I felt a shift in my perspective. I realized that being vulnerable and honest were strengths, not weaknesses. This song was and will continue to be my way of healing.”

Watch the video to Stairs shot in the school he attended;

You can catch Blair play at the following club nights & festivals;

Tuesday May 10th 8pm– London – ‘Whiplash’, The Courtyard Theatre

Thursday May 12th 1pm – Brighton – ‘The Great Escape Festival’, One Church

Thursday May 12th 630pm – Brighton – ‘The Great Escape Festival’, Unitarian Church

Saturday May 28th – Glasgow – ‘Fatherson support’, Barrowlands

Wednesday June 1st – London – ‘Gold Dust’, Notting Hill Arts Club

Saturday July 30th – Inverness – ‘Belladrum Festival’

Blair Davie hails from Perth Scotland. He started his career as a solo artist, recording his first record at just 12-years-old before becoming the frontman in several bands throughout his teenage years: learning and honing his talents alongside his peers. Inspired by his love of emotional, heartfelt music from artists such as Dodie, Dermot Kennedy and Bon Iver, Blairs music is his way of presenting the most honest and passionate version of himself to the world. Blairs music deals with coming to terms with his own bisexuality, loss and heartbreak; but also, the beauty that life can offer. After a particularly challenging time in 2020 he realised he had so much more to say as a solo artist and began writing with friend and collaborator Kyle Fummey in their home studio.