BLENDIN’ERA ‘This Love’ feat. SaDBoY

Described as a conglomerate of music producers and artists ‘BLENDIN’ERA’ releases their debut single ‘ThisLove’. The brainchild of Rick T. (aka DJ Abstract), Castor Troy and Rob Fischer, who have teamed up withhandpicked artists and producers like SaDBoY and Laura Lopez (aka LauRAW), among other singers andtalented visual artists and designers from around the world to create a truly international collective based out ofGermany dedicated to creating compelling electronic music.

‘This Love’ is the debut single by the collective which features enigmatic singer/producer SaDBoY (f o under ofJungleStudios). The track showcases the collective’s intent for high-quality production with its infectious beats
and smooth vocal lines that culminate in hooky choruses that are perfect for the upcoming summer months.The accompanying music video is awash with vibrant visuals and cinematic-like cut scenes that further elevatethe listening experience.

Based out of Frankfurt, Germany SaDBoY has spent the last 20 years carving out a name for himself in themusic industry traversing genres as diverse as R&B, pop, electro, soul, and experimental music to globalaudiences. His versatile talents have garnered attention from prestigious companies, including Nike, where hehas collaborated on several projects. Notably, SaDBoY showcased his musical prowess during the esteemedNew York Brooklyn Fashion Week in 2010.

With a wealth of experience throughout the industry across different genres and disciplines, BLENDIN’ERA isprimed with boundless potential and the ability to merge and experiment across a wide range of genres. WithCastor and Rick meeting in the early 90’s to create their first joint studio, eventually founding their own dancelabel with a third party called, ‘Energized’ which achieved two Top Ten Gold Hits (Discofans // Space Frog) andtwo Top 30 placements. Other collaborations and ventures followed with the likes of DJ Kenny Blake, MousseT. and Sony Music Germany. After years of working together, the two brought on Rob to create BLENDIN’ERA.Rob is an accomplished musician, producer and mixing engineer, who has worked with a slew of artists overthe years most notably ‘Amanda’ and iconic German rapper ‘Sido’ that reached gold status in 2017.

BLENDIN’ERA is due to follow up ‘This Love’ with their next single ‘When The World Is Running Down’ whichfeatures prominent German Afro-Caribbean artist Laura Lopez (aka LauRAW) in the coming months withplans for further releases throughout the year.