Blue Capricorn ‘PALO SANTO’

Photo Credit:  Rodrigo Caraballo-Marin

Blue Capricorn is the moniker of Dallas-based Latinx music artist Rodrigo Caraballo-Marin. He is a stand-out musician that strives to blend genres infused with the sounds that he creates. The multi-instrumentalist and vocalist returns with his brand-new single ‘PALO SANTO’, slated for release on July 20, 2023.

‘PALO SANTO’ is an alternative and electronic offering showcasing Blue Capricorn’s versatility in production elements, and emotive storytelling in the vocals, that overall create an atmospheric and haunting vibe. The tune is sonically cohesive and a moving listen that will draw in listeners who are fans of the likes of James Blake, Portishead, Nick Hakim, Tirzah, and DARKSIDE.

The track came together in an improvisational way. Blue Capricorn went into the studio with no ideas, no lyrics, no rhythms, nothing. Once the first hook was recorded, the rest smoothly came together. He knew he wanted to try something more complex and layered with this song since most of his previous work leaned towards the minimal side. He showcases a different side of himself that no one has ever seen before on ‘PALO SANTO’.

With the assistance of his fellow collaborator Michael Briggs, who recorded this in his studio, the instrumentation was put together using primarily midi, samples, theremin, and vocals. He finally opened up about infatuation and desire, something he is starting to feel at ease talking about. This is one of the happier songs on Blue Capricorn’s upcoming EP, ¡AYÚDAME!, which will be released on September 8, 2023.

Blue Capricorn continues to pave his way as an emerging talent in the music industry. His music is fueled by high productions, his ever-growing creative talents, and his overall love for music. 

“‘PALO SANTO’ is about desire and infatuation. It’s me being submissive and accepting of the idea of receiving love and being fragile to it and by it. Love wasn’t really something I was used to the last eight years of my life and I’ve learned so much about it until very recently. I didn’t know anything about love, and I’ve grown to be quite sensitive about it. It’s something I value more than ever,” – Blue Capricorn comments on the track.

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