Blue Lab Beats and Waajeed remix Amp Fiddler’s ‘Energy’.

2021 saw London duo Blue Lab Beats nominated for a Mobo and a Grammy, and sign to the legendary Blue Note. Much like Amp Fiddler, they’ve grown to encompass just about every form of fly soul music you can make. They’ve become synonymous with delicious forms of jazztronica, future RnB and bubbling afrobeats, and their remix of ‘Energy’ is just as fly. Alongside Amp, Waajeed is widely considered one of Detroit’s brightest and best. His remix of ‘Energy’ adds an extra touch of funk and bass. Neither stray too far from the original, but enhance what brilliance was already there. 

Blue Lab Beats remix is released today:  
Basementality reissue out now:

Amp Fiddler says  first released ‘Energy’ in 2014 as part of his ‘Basementality’ series (named ‘Basementailty’ as he was always creating music via his ‘Camp Amp’ basement studio). Limited to Bandcamp only, at the end of 2021 he reissued ‘Basementality’ Volume’s 2 & 3 for availability on all digital streaming platforms to give them fresh love, the forthcoming remixes adding an extra slice of rejuvenation. 

Amp Fiddler – “Energy is all around us all the time. That’s what I love about the song, it’s timeless in that sense. I wrote it with Adrian Jefferson, Kenny Mac and Chris Bruce, and it was one of those special tracks that came together so well, so naturally. With such a limited release, I always felt it missed out on the love it deserved in 2014, and so I’m really excited to see how the buzz of these amazing remixes elevates the original.” 

 Blue Lab Beats –“It’s amazing to get the chance to create a remix for someone as legendary as Amp Fiddler. Remixing ‘Energy’ using just the acapella felt so easy because of how amazing the original songwriting already was”