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BOILERS deliver massive hit on their remake of the globally adored ‘Kiss Me’

The duo BOILERS is releasing a remix of 'Kiss Me' on OH2 Records! -  Clubbing TV
Out now on OH2 Records

The fact that Anders and Andreas, the faces behind BOILERS, have never met before doesn’t stand in the way of them releasing their first promising hit on OH2 Records. Living on opposite sides of Denmark, the duo started working together during the COVID-19 lockdown and has been producing through Zoom meetings. On their remake of the famous 1997 ballad ‘Kiss Me’, originally by Sixpence None The Richer, the creative geniuses prove that not even a global pandemic can’t hold them back from producing this hit-in-making.

Using the original vocals and sweet guitar licks to open up the track, BOILERS know how to produce a goosebump inducing throwback. After the beat drops the original tune makes room for some highly-energetic melodies combined with the original vocal samples.
Manipulating the frequencies, pulsing synth tones come rushing in accompanied by groovy build-ups. BOILERS’ version of ‘Kiss Me’ elevates this classic to be enjoyed in a fresh new way by every generation.

BOILERS’ remake of ‘Kiss Me’ is set to be the second release on Oliver Heldens’
brand-new OH2 Records. “After releasing my own ‘Set Me Free’ on OH2 Records last week,
I knew the second track had to have huge potential to set the tone for all upcoming releases
on my new label. I have a lot of faith in this track by BOILERS and I can’t wait for the world
to hear it.” says international superstar Oliver Heldens.

With the original track coming in second in the Billboard Hot 100 in 1999 and staying in the
top 100 for 33 weeks, ‘Kiss Me’ gained worldwide success, landing No.1 in the Australian
and Canadian singles chart and No.2 in the United States. Reaching the top 10 in Germany,
Greece, Italy and the UK among others and peaking the top 20 in The Netherlands, Iceland,
Wallonia and Sweden. In June 1999, BBC Television in the United Kingdom used the song
as a closing theme for the BBC One broadcast coverage of Prince Edward’s royal
wedding and in an interview with Vogue, Taylor Swift stated ‘Kiss Me’ was the very first
song that she learned to play on the guitar when she was 12 years old. With its impressive
resumé it is safe to say that ‘Kiss Me’ is one of the greatest hits of all time and we can’t wait
for the BOILERS remake to follow its path.

About OH2 Records:
After launching his first label Heldeep Records in 2014, international superstar Oliver
Heldens felt it was time to focus on the more commercial leaning side of the scene.
Kick-starting his newest label OH2 Records with the release of his own track ‘Set Me Free’,
the bar for the label is set high. The first artists are being signed to the label as we speak
and are very promising to say the least. With Heldeep Records releasing the taste maker
club and house records, OH2 Records is ready to dominate the industry with more
commercial leaning, streaming focused productions.