Bougenvilla & Mairee ‘Bad Option’

After their recent joint effort on ‘Test With A Kiss’ & ‘Somebody To Love’ Bougenvilla & Mairee couldn’t resist another collaboration! This time bringing along Nathalie Blue with a strong vocal bringing in a playful boost to the energy of the track. Despite being ‘90s kids, ‘Bad Option’ starts with an energetic riff throwing it back to the ’80s, giving off incredible Miami Vice vibes. The track is tied back together to the 21st century with Nathalie Blue’s vocals guiding you through the music. Once you’ve caught the groove of the track you’re pulled into the drop, where the snappy bassline takes the lead. Throughout the track, you feel a sensation levitating you off of your feet, wanting to move to the beat. Once again, Bougenvilla, Mairee & Nathalie Blue give us the feeling ‘Bad Option’ is the only option. 

“After the success of ‘Somebody To Love’ & ‘Test With A Kiss’ we really wanted to work together with Mairee again. In ‘Bad Option’ you can really hear the signature Bougenvilla sound. After releasing more radio friendly music, ‘Bad Option’ takes us back to our club sound. Let’s hope we can play this one for you very soon, we are almost there!”

– Bougenvilla on the track –

Listen to Bad Option here.

Shefida and Jeremy aka Bougenvilla have quickly made their career a match made in heaven since first meeting in Rotterdam several years ago. With a penchant for building undeniable groove in their work, Bougenvilla’s bass driven, heavy house leaning sound has seen them achieve support from the scene’s elite, as well as releases on some of the industries finest labels across the board. They have held down sets across renowned events and venues all across the world and showed that their live showcases match their drive to deliver in the studio. 

Mairee is a very successful music producer and one of Slovakia’s top DJs. His DJ career originated back in 2007. He gained extreme popularity by playing at clubs and festivals which led to him having the opportunity to play alongside some of the most renowned artists in the world. This was the perfect way for Mairee to build a strong base for his future career. The positive vibes and great energy of his music bring people closer together in repeatable enjoyment. He proved that he belongs to the top DJs in Czechia and Slovakia. 


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