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BPM Supreme Partners with Cyanite to Introduce Moods and AI-Enabled Track Analyzation

BPM Supreme Partners with Cyanite to Introduce Moods and AI-Enabled Track  Analyzation

The new discovery features will allow DJs to find music and build DJ sets more intuitively using Mood tags, AIrecommendations, track analyzation,and more

BPM Supreme is proud to introduce Moods, an exciting new feature now accessible on both the industry-standard music delivery service for DJs worldwide, BPM Supreme, as well as the company’s online service for DJ-ready Latin music, BPM Latino. Using AI-enabled track analyzation, Moods make searching for music even more intuitive with the help of intelligent recommendations.BPM Supreme is the first music service for DJsto use this technology by Berlin-based technology company Cyanite.

“We are so excited to announce these new state-of-the-art discovery functions. Workingalongside Cyanite, we’re entering the next phase of BPM Supreme and an AI driven future,” saidAngel “AROCK” Castillo, founder and CEO ofBPM Supreme.Supported by Cyanite’s “Deep Learning” technology, the Moods feature allows DJs to find music faster for their sets and playlists with Mood tags, individualized music suggestions,and more.

With Moods, DJs can:
•Search by similar energy levels for DJ sets and playlists

•Detect a track’s mood, voice presence, and more

•Use AI-enabled recommendations to find more of what you love 

All tracks on BPM Supreme are analyzed and categorized with the following Mood tags:

Uplifting: Fresh, invigorating, and mood-boosting

Energetic:Danceable, lively, and highly-active

Relaxing: Kick back, chill out, and vibe

Dark: Gritty, hard, unpredictable, and emotional

Happy: Cheerful, bubbly, and carefree

Tense: Edgy, angsty, with low or deep basslines

Calm:Easy, smooth, and steady

Melancholic:Moody, gloomy, and in your feelings

More information about each track is also available such as voice presence, energy level,and energy dynamics:

Voice Presence: the amount of singing voice throughout the full duration of the track, displayed as low, medium, or high

Energy Level–the intensity of an analyzed track, displayed as low, medium, high,or variable

Energy Dynamics–the progression of the Energy Level throughout the track,displayed as low, high, or variable

BPM Supreme embodies the ability to break through the industry and quickly adapt to the constantly evolving market. They have proven many times that they have the spirit to pioneer the industry through new business models and technologies. We are very proud that they have chosen Cyanite as their AI partner to go this crucial step into the future with,”said Jakob Höflich, founder and co-director of Cyanite.These new discovery features are available now on BPM Supreme and BPMLatino.To learn more check