BRAJ drop their highly-anticipated new track ‘Overview’

The dynamic duo, Jordan Kellaway and Nev Benjamin, are the masterminds behind BRAJ. They are gearing up to drop their highly-anticipated new track ‘Overview’ on September 7, 2023. The song, which has a bright, summery mood with pop and R&B influences, expresses the universal desire to anticipate the fate of a relationship before joining it.


Jordan Kellaway (vocalist) and Nev Benjamin (producer) are the ingenious minds that birthed BRAJ. Their irresistible sounds are delivered from 2000s R&B mixed with the freshest pop vibes of today. But cling on tight as their strategy has nothing to do with predictability. These two musicians don’t believe in following the rules or being cautious with their artistry. They reverse the script for each fresh production to make sure that no two songs are ever misinterpreted for twins.

Get ready for an intense emotional journey as you listen to each song, with Jordan’s words serving as the conductor that tugs at your heartstrings. His words encapsulate emotions you never realised needed a soundtrack. In the meanwhile, don’t be shocked if your head nods involuntarily and your feet begin to tap. Everything is a result of Nev’s infectious production and soundscapes. His creations of rhythms are so contagious that they almost force your body to groove.

Jordan’s melodic guitar line and Nev’s silky bass line are the highlights of this song. The track’s percussion and drums truly bring everything together and give it its own identity as it alternates between trap beats and indie-pop textures. Naturally, the last chorus was going all out, utilizing even more distorted guitars, layered synthesizers, and Jordan’s powerful vocal delivery.

BRAJ comments on the track, “‘Overview’ encapsulates the universally relatable desire to foresee a relationship’s trajectory before diving in. This concept takes center stage as the track seamlessly oscillates between vibey surf rock riffs and anthemic trap beats. Jordan Kellaway’s vocals passionately beseech listeners for such prescience, delivered through catchy melodies and an emotive, bittersweet, and energetically charged performance. In the background, Nev Benjamin’s masterful basslines and production work synergistically to amplify the track’s sentiment, creating an instrumental landscape that resonates deeply with the song’s core theme.”

So prepare to be amazed, touched, and inspired to dance by the fantastic musical work that is BRAJ. There are no limits to the audio adventures you are about to go on with Jordan Kellaway and Nev Benjamin in charge.

‘Overview’ is available on all streaming platforms.