Bran Capri x Jerk Fjundyem drop dark and riveting experimental hip-hop single ‘POV’

Bran Capri x Jerk Fyundyem is the co-release of two emerging artists who have been paving their way through their local music scene and beyond. Hailing from the North East of England, Capri is a producer who found inspiration and time like no other in the pandemic stricken year of 2020, and started to create spiralling hip-hop and trap beats that caught the attention of many.

He then started collaborating with local artists such as Franke Jobling & Sagaboi on their solo releases, showcasing an introduction of Bran Capri’s ready-made talent. Alongside personal projects, Bran ignited a collective partnership with Jerk under the name of ‘Distorted Goods’ in which they create bespoke music for high end fashion brands such as; BAPE, END. & Ralph Lauren pushing the boundaries of North East producers.

Jerk Fyundyem is an artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist who takes homage from a wide spectrum of influences, ranging from Radiohead to Four Tet, and the result is an experimental dosage of electronic music with a pop, rock and rap underbelly. Jerk finds solace in spoken word and poetry, and uses this to experiment further with his unique sonic landscape.

The pair have started working together extensively since lockdown and have created a debut collaboration project, in ‘Dawn Distortion’. A five-track EP that goes from dark, intoxicating hip-hop and rap in lead single ‘POV’, to beautifully harmony led piano ballad instrumentals in ‘Her Interlude’, the two have set themselves a vision to embody all of their eclectic musical tastes in one all encompassing body of work. 

Lead single ‘POV’ however, seems to underpin exactly what Capri and Fjundyem are all about when their creative minds come together. A dark and synth-led opening, featured artist John Dole brings his highly strung and invigorating rapping style to the fore amongst the spacious and brilliant production, Dole switches between singing and rapping throughout and matches the energy of the the sonics with precision and angst, which provides the perfect balance.

‘POV’ is a hard-hitting and riveting alt-trap track that showcases the unique soundscape that Bran Capri x Jerk Fjundyem have so seamlessly created. It’s dark rap with personality and vigour, which sets it apart from the usual rap song you hear everyday. Bran and Jerk have formed something pretty special and signature to them both as individual artists as well as a collective, and ‘POV’ will truly put these two artists on the map, with an offering that is unlike anything you’ve heard before.