braveweather “missing pieces”

The new single and visuals “missing pieces” from Orlando based alternative rock trio braveweather.  On “missing pieces” the band confides, “the message behind the song is that no one’s situation is perfect – a lot of “happy” people are struggling – and they’re putting on a brave face, despite what might be missing in their life. Everyone has their own cross to bear, demons to fight, situations that they may struggle with. This song is meant to empower those who are struggling and recognize how far we’ve come, regardless of our struggles.”  With explosive anthemic melodies, hard-hitting drums and rapid-fire bright guitar riffs, “missing pieces” is an unforgettable rock single. 

Founded in late 2019, braveweather is an Orlando-based indie rock band whose music explores the concepts of intimacy, infidelity, loss, mental health, struggle and personal purpose. Elements of their unique sound are influenced by late 90’s and early 2000’s indie-rock and modern indie rock and punk.
braveweather came together for the first time as a band 2 months before COVID-19 spread across the world, locking everyone indoors for months. For the duration of 2020, Christian, Maria, and Tony only saw each other – writing and recording songs in unusedfront office of a casket warehouse that they got to use as a practice space.
Being in solitude for most of a year gives you a lot of time to think, and to reflect. These thoughts, feelings, and reflections are at the core of braveweather’s writing.

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