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UMusicians — Brianna Marie Releases Single “Haunting You”

Bursting into 2021 with an exquisitely addictive new single that expertly combines her empowered attitude, bold lyricism and stunning vocals, New York-based singer-songwriter Brianna Marie shares “Haunting You”.

“Haunting You” is available on all Platforms:

A true force to be reckoned with and artistically at the top of her game, rising artist Brianna Marie creates powerful material that genuinely connects to listeners largely due to the passion, dedication, conviction and commitment that can be heard in every word she sings. Brianna started songwriting at a very young age, scribbling down lyrics and creating melodies to accompany them. Her younger brother Jake noticed the huge potential her music had and began learning how to play the piano and producing so her vision could be brought to life. Being a natural-born songwriter has allowed Brianna to craft her own unique style and sound that reflects her personality through every word she sings.

Her striking voice blended with her captivating dark pop soundscape is put to full effect in “Haunting You”. Speaking more on the track, Brianna Marie explained:

‘Haunting You’ is a song I wrote about allowing past love to keep you hostage. Sometimes it is easier to hold on to a ghost than to allow yourself to be alone. It’s like the worst kind of self-sabotage to continue running back to someone who repeatedly hurts you, but we’ve all done it.

“Haunting You” shows the blend of music that has inspired Brianna most, pop and rock.  There is also a highly theatrical piece to her music; it’s very anthemic and orchestral, which isn’t typical to pop. With “Haunting You” set to be released January 29th, we’re expecting big things from Brianna this year.