Broken Back ‘Survive’

Jumping off of his Jan. 22 release, and first release of the New Year, “We Go,” DJ Broken Back’s newest single “Survive” is out today, via Ultra Records. Both singles follow his sophomore album Good Days, which helped to kick off Broken Back’s hard-earned success. Before Broken Back came to be who he is today, he was headed into the world of entrepreneurship, attending classes at a major business school by day, and running his own startups by night. “All of a sudden, at twenty-two years old, his back could take no more. It gave way.” So, he pulled out his guitar, and started to follow his true calling: music. “Survive” is a unique track with many instrumental sounds poking through the passionate vocals. The song includes what seems to be some Eastern influences, pairing quite well with the message of ‘better days ahead.’ 

Listen to “Survive”