Brooklyn based avant-garde experimental jazz trio Nite Bjuti releases new single and video ‘Mood (Liberation Walk)’

The new single and video “Mood (Liberation Walk) from Brooklyn based avant-garde experimental jazz trio Nite BjutiThe trio, composed of acclaimed singer-songwriter Candice Hoyes, Grammy-nominated SoundChemist and beatmaker Val Jeanty, and bassist Mimi Jones, contemplates existential themes such as maturity, coming of age, and deep physical, mental and spiritual change in their highly-anticipated single, which precedes their full-length album release on Friday April 14, 2023.

What good is freedom if you don’t really feel free? Black girlhood maturation brings a range of evocative contradictory experiences,” confides Hoyes, and “in ‘Mood (Liberation Walk)’ we express the sudden sensation of a girl jumping/jumped into puberty, roped into a new emotional reality, physicality and societal positionality. As explored in the music video, she jumps through the portals of her own design right until the street lights flicker. Jumping is tied to shared childhood experiences, embodies connectivity and the chasmic leaps of growth in the Black womanly experience.”

 The music video is directed by Candice Hoyes who is a mixed media artist.The Afro Caribbean three piece crafts and produces an intentional and intoxicating fresh jazz meets electronica sonic experience complete with hypnotic vocals, Haitian inspired drums, and soul penetrating basslines. The accompanying music video was

 directed by Candice Hoyes who is a mixed media artist.Together, Nite Bjuti has performed at the nationally recognized ‘Jazz at Lincoln Center’ and has received acclaim from NPR’s WBGOJazz Times amongst others. 

“Percussionist/beat maker Val Jeanty, vocalist/sampler controller Candice Hoyes, and double bassist Mimi Jones were the biggest revelation of WJF (so far), creating dense sound vistas and pure improvisations.” Jazz Times, February 2020  

Nite Bjuti is Candice Hoyes, Val Jeanty and Mimi Jones, an evocative improvised trio of Afro Caribbean artists using electronics, vocalism, bass, Haitian drum rhythms, sampling and spoken word to cultivate their narrative journey. They are UMEZ Arts Engagement Grant recipients for their 2022 mixed media installation commissioned by the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, and 2020 recipients of the NYC Women’s Fund in Jazz Music to fully fund their forthcoming debut album.  

As inspiration, Nite Bjuti draws from a centuries old Haitian folklore called “Night Beauty,” about a girl whose bones begin to sing in her afterlife, her spirit seeking justice. Nite Bjuti has recently played Nublu Jazz Fest, NYC Winter JazzFest, WBGO live broadcast performance, The Schomburg Center, and Jazz at Lincoln Center. Internationally, they envision their music from concerts at electronic and jazz music venues, museums, cinema and dance and visual art installations. Nite Bjuti plays to rediscover the buried Diasporic beauty in the world, transcendent across generations. Intentionally, they improvise to build layers of intimate community both inside the band and with its audiences. Nite Bjuti debuted at Jazz at Lincoln Center as part of celebrating 2018 International Women’s Day.