After a successful national as well as international career, Ola suddenly left the spotlight. Now he’s returned with a new name, new sound, and new collaborations. The full-length album “PoP Poetry” arrives September 16th and includes collaborations with some of the world’s most prominent producers and songwriters, such as Fred Gibson, Björn Yttling, and DJ legend Fat Boy Slim. The album contains a total of 14 tracks, some previously released and already Gold-certified titles, as well as Brother Leo‘s latest single “Sunshine” that arrived on June 17th.

Listen to the full-length album “PoP Poetry”:

On the 16th of September, Brother Leo releases his full-length debut album ”PoP Poetry” where with vulnerability and playfulness he describes his journey through abandonment, searching, escapism, longing, mental illness, as well as the feeling of being underdog and not really fitting in. In addition to notable Swedish producers Jocke Berg and Björn Yttling, Brother Leo has also worked with Fat Boy Slim, Fred Gibson, and London Community Gospel Choir to name a few. On the latest single “Sunshine”, Brother Leo partnered with Swedish P3 Guld and Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter, Agrin Rahman.

  • The making of this album has in many ways been a healing process, a wake up call, a slap in my face, realizing what really matters and what is truly meaningful to me as a human, songwriter, and artist, says Brother Leo. 

He continues:

  • On this album I question everything from the music industry and myself to society at large, and the search for something more (or at least something different). “Hello Life” is probably one of the songs that best describes the search and journey that I’ve been on these past years. Or “A Friend In Me”, a song featuring Ola, i.e. me. ”A Friend In me” is a conversation with myself – a song about forgiveness, acceptance, and becoming whole, says Brother Leo.

Creating this album has taken Brother Leo almost five years to complete with countless, brooding nights over whether working as an artist really is the right path. It has required a lot of courage and self-acceptance, both as a person and as a creator. A journey that made him realize what’s truly important and precious to him. 

  • What I’ve learned about myself throughout this creative process is that I need to be able to let myself move freely over the whole spectrum of emotions and expressions to be as inspired as possible. We are all prisms with lots of colors, and I wanted to express as many of mine as possible on this album. It’s more honest and inspiring that way, Brother Leo concludes.

About Brother Leo:

Behind the project is Ola Svensson; one of Sweden’s most well-known songwriters and artists Among others, he has collaborated with producers and songwriters such as Shellback (Adele, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift), Klas Åhlund (Robyn, Teddybears), Fred Gibson (Ed Sheeran, Twigs, Stormzy, The xx), Patrik Berger (Robyn, Lana Del Rey), Coffee (Dua Lipa), and Elof Loelv (Rihanna, Tove Lo, Tove Styrke). Four albums, seven chart-toppers, European tours, Swedish Grammy nominations, notable international press coverage – and sublime pop for years and days. Brother Leo inhabits a world of his own, an alternate reality where he effortlessly blends genres and styles into his own bittersweet pop poetry.