Canadian Alt rock pillars Odds share ode to friendship on “Walk Among The Stars”

While firmly rooted in the present Vancouver, BC group Odds certainly know a thing about the past.  Founded in 1987 with their first album release in 1991 the group has spanned over 30 years of not only music but culture.  The group also made the soundtrack for cult classic sketch series Kids In The Hall as well as Brent Butt’s Corner Gas series.

The group’s upcoming 7th studio album Crash The Time Machine is a vibrant painting of struggle and the community that both feeds it and transcends it. The band goes in new and exciting musical directions while retaining the dark ironic signature that has held fans captive for decades.

“Walk Among The Stars” the latest single from their upcoming LP was loosely inspired by reminding themselves of their friends The Tragically Hip in the studio: “The song is a painting about friendship and how love connects us all, broadly speaking. It’s really about your own network of friends and what people give you by sharing their energy, not just during their lifetime, but even after they’re gone.”
“The urgent need for community, in what could best be described as “interesting times,” is a running theme on Crash The Time Machine. Odds embrace the awesome power of Now, while celebrating the friends we make along the way. “

Consider the hopeful single “Walk Among The Stars”